Type SCS3000


All-in-one module SCS3000 - performance and logic combined in one module

System size and high load currents play an important role in increasingly ingenious vehicle architecture, where space in the vehicle is limited.

The SCS3000 and SCS1000 modules are extremely compact power distribution systems with integrated logic. The modules offer a wealth of functions together with high performance in a very small package. The SCS3000/1000 are ideal in terms of upgradeability for fleet modernisation, retrofits and projects where space saving is paramount.

The SCS3000 modules are perfectly suitable for a centralised system approach. Power distribution and control functions, as well as logic links, PWM and soft start are combined in a single module.  Multiple individual components can be replaced by a single one.

The SCS3000-16 provides the same technical features as SCS3000 versions with more channels and is suitable for smaller system architectures.

SCS3000 modules can easily be configured via a graphical programming environment.


  • Enhanced safety and diagnosis through real-time analysis
  • Flexible mounting and optimised wiring through compact IP67 housing
  • Adapted to your requirements through configuration via graphic programming environment


  • Entry-level solution for smaller system architectures
  • Agricultural and forestry equipment
  • Construction machinery and special vehicles
  • Buses and trucks

Donnés techniques

Communication CAN 2.0B
SAE J1939
Courant nominal par canal 12 A
35 A
Nombre de canaux 16
Tension nominale de la charge DC 12 V/DC 24 V
Courant nominal de la charge

200 A, 280 A

Température ambiante -40°C … +85°C
Raccordements Amphenol SurLok Power Stud
Tyco AMP Leavy Seal 21-Pin
Tyco AMP Leavy Seal 92-Pin / 62-Pin


  • Bus
  • Camions
  • Engins de chantier
  • Machines agricoles et forestière
  • Véhicules spéciaux